Gratitude Marketing Is Your Key to Keeping Clients

You earn clients by building trust. You keep clients committed to you by engendering gratitude. Studies from the American Marketing Association prove that. BBM shows you how to do it by combining Reputation Marketing with Gratitude Marketing in a comprehensive approach that is customized to produce a strategy built on your particular business strengths and client needs.

What is Gratitude Marketing? It’s as simple as taking the time to show a client you appreciate their business. It also can turn a potential customer into an active client when you reach out between an initial visit and the period that the client is considering whether to come back to you or someone else.

In an age when phone calls are too intrusive and emails clog up the inbox, what do you do? BBM suggests you send an old-fashioned, handwritten card from our Love Them! Tell Them!’ collection. If all that you do is thank the client for considering you as their business of choice with no strings attached that can be enough to make an impression.

Researchers stress the importance of not leading clients to think that your gratitude is designed to bring in the cash. That just turns your card into more junk mail. The key to Gratitude Marketing is sincerity. You have to adopt a practice of honestly appreciating your customers and telling them so. The more your client believes that you’ve made an effort without hidden motives the more likely they are to want to give you their patronage.

If you really want to win over a lasting relationship with a client, express gratitude on a regular basis, and make an effort to show that you are putting out some energy on the recipient’s behalf. Do a little research into a subject that the customer is interested in and offer some advice or suggest an article to read. Your efforts will result in greater revenues, researchers promise.


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